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Krau­sened Lager Bud­weiser Budvar

Krausened Lager Budweiser Budvar The starting procedure for the production of Krausened Lager is the same as for the Budweiser Budvar Czech Premium Lager. The difference is in the fact that before filling a certain volume of “rings” are added into the finished beer for consumption quality. A new culture of brewing yeast in the best condition and new ratio of extract is added into the beer. In the transport package (KEG barrels) there is a further level of fermentation of beer which brings better sensory quality and higher biological value.

The Budweiser Budvar Krausened Lager contains lice culture of yeast, so therefore has a higher content of aminoacids and B complex vitamins. It also contains a higher ratio of high-molecular proteins which cause a stronger fullness of flavour. The flavour is stronger up to very strong which is positively reflected in the more fresher flavour of ringed lager.

Experts will also feel the light flavour and aroma of yeast. The foam is rich, compact and very stable. The colour of the beer is golden-yellow, the presence of yeast in beer causes the beer to be non sparkling, but clear up to a light opalescent.

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Something More About Beer Tanks

Beer Tanks

The Masné Krámy restaurant has always been connected to first-rate beer from Budweiser Budvar brewery’s production, therefore extraordinary attention was paid to the beer system and equipment. The fundaments of the equipment are 4 beer tanks, each of them having a volume of 10 hectolitres. They are actively cooled and double coated. The beer tanks are made of stainless steel with a typical copper top design, which corresponds with the traditional concept of the whole interior. Additionally, the beer tanks are illuminated and placed behind a glass viewing partition at the back of the taproom, allowing the guests the opportunity to view them directly from the restaurant’s main hall.

The tank beer supply takes place by means of an original container system developed by Budweiser Budvar brewery in 2007, which has already been used to supply restaurants in Prague and Southern Bohemia since June 2007. The system is based on special insulated beer storing containers of a 10-hectolitre volume, where the beer stays cold for at least 24 hours. The containers are filled directly in the brewery under sterile conditions and then taken by a special transportation vehicle equipped with a special pump-over fitting and its own sterile hose to a side entrance from Krajinská St. There the containers are connected under sterile conditions directly to the restaurant’s beer tank using a hose. As opposed to most competitors’ tank beer delivery systems, the cleaning of the supply pipe between the tank and the container is not therefore necessary during every refilling. Such a cleaning means a higher risk of beer contamination. The Masné Krámy restaurant’s guests can thus be sure that the tank beer has the best possible quality and freshness. The beer pumping from the container takes only 12-14 minutes.