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In photogallery, you will find the interior as well as exterior of The Masné Krámy restaurant, photos of assorted specialties, documentation of special culinary and other events, pictures from the history and photos of České Budějovice can be found.


The historical photos from the past of České Budějo­vice’s Masné Krámy restau­rant.


Photos from the Masné Krámy’s recon­struc­tion in 2007, the first filling of the tanks and the restaurant’s opening ceremony on 5th Dec 2007.

MK Today

The interior and exterior of the newly recon­struc­ted restaurant.

Photos of Meals

Illustrative photos of the meals from the Masné Krámy restau­rant’s kitchen.

Budweiser Budvar

The photo gallery from the his­tory as well as present of the brewery; photos of the pro­ducts.

České Budějovice

České Budějovice years ago and today; historical postcards.